Bailey R

Spok Me
2004-01-02 04:41:49 (UTC)

Bailey In a Nutshell

Best Friends & they're nicknames: (PRETTY COMMITTEE)
ANDRIA -- Drizzle, Drizz
KARLI -- K Smooth, Special K
MEREDITH -- Murdit
SARAH -- Midge
LILY -- Bulls-i
KELLY -- K Dizzle

What I look Like:
Height: 5"5 or 5"6
Weight: 115
Hair Color: Diff shades of brown, mostly dark-- long,
Eyes: Big, Brown
Skin: Olive, kind of tannish

Fav. Things:
Type of Music: Alternative, some Emo, some Pop
Band: The All-American Rejects
TV Show: Smallville & The O.C.
Color: Pink & Black
Movie: Anything that makes me laugh
Holiday: Honestly, i don't like the holidays..

-- i'm outtie.. adios! --