Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-01-02 04:32:10 (UTC)

Happy New Years!: to me

OK so Today was amazing!
I woke up
did band work
got ready
went window shopping
watched Peter Pan
and got online

I want to say Peter Pan the movie was Amazing
and I will say it, I cried
I know that it wasn't completely true to the original
story in the book but it made up for it by being so
incredibly good that i didn't care.
I left the movie wanting to live; wanting to be a part of
this adventure we call "life"
I have wanted for so long not to marry, not to get old,
not to have a job...etc.
But over these last couple years I have been praying to
God to show my will and he has put a peace in my heart
about my future and the ultimate fact that I shall one day
be a man.
Let the adventure begin!

Anywho well i hope this year is a great on i am looking
forward to writing lots of songs, recording lots of songs,
and playing lots of shows.
Happy New Year!

cd: Blur: Think Tank
book: Lullaby
movie: Peter Pan