Bailey R

Spok Me
2004-01-02 04:17:53 (UTC)

Johnny Appleseed

As it turns out, New Years Eve didn't suck so badly after
all... i talked to Alex for a little bit.. n I think he
would have invited me over to his house last night to chill
if things hadn't turned out so weird between us the last
time.. So anyways, i decided i didn't want to sit around
and mope all night.. So i ended up meeting the Pretty
Committee -lol- (Lily, Andria, Meredith, Karli, Sarah
(a.k.a. Midge), Kelly) at Lily's. Her 'rents were out for
the night.. so Vicky came over for a while and we all
chilled.. and then we walked over to Merediths.. * CUZ WE
lol.. Mer's dad was out to so we chilled over there..
danced around all night basically.. everyone was somewhat
wasted.. good times.. :) at one point we were blasting
AC/DC "You Shook Me All Night Long" and we had big wooden
spoons and pots/frying pans out as mnusical instruments..
and i had a huge pot.. and me and Karli decided to be
Johnny Appleseed.. needless to say, i dropped the pot
directly on my nose! omgsh i thought i BROKE IT .. it hurt
so0o much like you wouldn't believe! :( lol .. but it's a
lil better now.. :) then the guys got in around 11:30 from
the city and we met them across the st. @ the train station
(across from Mer's apartment) .. it was fun.. "Jesus"
a.k.a. Max was home from Florida.. good to see him.. Aaron
was straight as usual.. and Jake still had the GIANT stick
^ his butt! .. ick can't stand the Dumbshit. ;) so um..
then we got a ride over to Karli's around 2ish.. and we
didn't stop partyin til .. 7 in the morning! haha we woke
up around 12:30.. but just layed in bed til 6 .. it was
such an unproductive day! i feel so lazy! hahahaha well..
tomorrow night.. party @ aarons.. gonna be HELLA FUN! 'til
then, * peace

{let's burn one down!} -- Bailey!