The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-02 03:24:09 (UTC)


Welcome to 2004 a wasted life
lol...i've proved that point today TONS.

It has been a pretty boring day for far, and it
will prob'ly continue to be one for the rest of the damn
night lol.

Hmmm....let's see....what did my ass do today? Anything
worth writing in here? I dunno...but here it goes lol. I
have succesfully managed to Get my MP3 collection in the
1000's again, and growing. That means MORE good music on
KRR, and i have "broadend" their horizons....well, mine
mostly, because not only will i play rock, it's a mix of
Rap/Rock, Metal, death name it, i play
it...all except the stupid genres lol.

Umm....what else? i think that's about it...other than the
boring routine of figuring out some more shit on my cell
phone, and i just remembered that 15 people know my damn
number lol....all old friends that i used to have that i
bump into on occasion at the mall and all that....not to
mention the friends that i've always had.

So, i think that about does it for my entry for happy i'm doing this as an everyday thing
now...cause people say it relieves w/e lol