2004-01-02 02:56:16 (UTC)


Trace had just began working for Rhinesmith Attornies two
weeks ago. She had just received her degree as a paralegal
and worked along side Marie who had been there about a
year. Bruce Rhinesmith and Marc Lang were the attorney's
in the office.

Trace was surprized by the laid back nature of the office.
Marie was typically wearing short skirts or tight pants and
Bruce and Marc were attractive men who always looked nice.
The friendliness and flirting was something that always
shocked her. She knew that Bruce was seperated from him
wife, and wondered if she could get anywhere with him. She
decided to try.

The next day she put on a black flarred skirt that she
rolled up so it was only about mid-thigh. She tucked in
her button down white blouse and wore a black lacey bra
under it. When she got to work, she went looking for Marie
wondering if there were any new reports for her to work
on. She opened up the back filing room and was shocked to
see Marie sitting in a chair masturbating. She began to
back up when Marie called for her to come over. "You look
hot today Trace, why not join me." Trace had experimented
with girls in college, but it had never gone anywhere.
Because she was horny though, she didn't say anything, just
obliged. Kneeling down, she took Marie's breast in one
hand and began to slowly finger her with the other. She
went down and began to slowly lick Marie's clit and finger
her at the same time until she came. "I'd do you - but you
look like you are going to get some action today anyway."
Marie winked at Trace. "Oh - here." she said and handed
Trace a post-it with "128 West Wing Drive" written on it.

As she left the office, she saw Bruce walk into his
office. She followed and closed his door and he turned
around. "Hey Trace, how you doing?" he asked
smiling. "Fine, but I needed to show you something." She
walked over to Bruce and had him look up a file on his
computer. She sat on the edge of his desk while he was
doing this and crossed her legs seductively. When he
turned around he took a deep breath in. "Are you sure this
is all you wanted to show me Trace?" he asked with a
grin. "No - it's not." She said back.

Bruce stood up and swept her into a passionate kiss. He
kissed her down her neck and unbuttoned her shirt. They
knew that they didn't have a lot of time because it was
twenty minutes until the staff meeting. He massaged her
breasts through her bra and bit her nipples threw it too,
while sliding his hand up her inner thigh to her pussy. He
moved her thong to the side and fingered her hand and
deed. "Fuck me Bruce... FUCK ME HARD" she whispered
loudly. Taking his pants down he laid her down on the desk
and pulled her dripping cunt to him and fucked her until
she came.

"Did Marie give you the address." "Yes, but what was it
for." Just come tonight... 8pm... dress... cute."

That night, Trace put on a miniskirt with and a sleveless
halter top. She went to the address and was surprized to
see Marc open the door. "Good, everyone is here." he
said. When she walked in, Bruce, Marie, and Marc were all
there... sitting around the living room and drinking
wine. "I was hoping that you would come." Marie said,
walking over to her. She put her drink down on the table
and began kissing Trace on the neck. Slowly massaging her
36DD tits threw her halter and carrassing her ass with the
other hand. She pushed her down on the center coffee table
and ran her hands up her legs and pulled down her thong.
Pushing her skirt up, she began to lick her clit and pussy
lips and soon she was darting her tongue in and out of
Trace's pussy. While Marie was pussy fucking her, she
looked over and saw Bruce and Marc with their pants off,
gently stroking their hard cocks.

After she came all over Marie's face, Marc pulled her over
to him and she began to suck his 10 inch cock. It was the
biggest and fattest cock she'd ever seen. Bruce knelt down
and pulled her top off and skirt off. He began to lick her
ass up and down while Marie was masturbating next to them
all. Marc laid down and pulled Trace on top of him. She
straddled him and he pushed her down on top of his cock.
She let out a scream... it hurt but felt good at the same
time. She moved her hips back and forth and he pulled her
down for a kiss. When she was in this position, Bruce
stuck his lubed up cock into her ass. She'd never had two
guys before... it felt so good. While Bruce and Marc
fucked her holes, Marie came over and sat on Marc's face.
Marc's tongue darted in and out of Marie's pussy until he
began to pump Trace harder before he came. Trace's body
shivered as she came for a second time and Bruce squirted
his load all over her.