wrestling lover
2004-01-02 02:31:19 (UTC)

Hello im back {ur probably booing}

hello its celeste here. any one happy?if u r than go to u can download over 4000 smileys and
send them to ur so called freinds. repeat so called
freinds so called. i cant beleve it. beyonce is number 28
i cant beleve it shes like the biggest hit. omg. yea
whateva she shows of. but i still likeher. dont you think
the song stacys mom is retarded. ido. its dumb. if ur
wondering whats 28 the much music favorit 2003 videos. if
u watch much than shes always number 1 black eyed peas
should be number 1 if some one asks me out this is what
you do as a joke if u hate them go :

knock knock
whos there
do u wanna go out
um noooooo

funny hey yepits real fun

bye love yall
can i borrow a million dolars someone??????? please i want
everything in the world everything even justin timberlake
and brock lesnar.
love yall

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