lyssa's Diary!
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2004-01-02 02:28:41 (UTC)

New years Day!

well today aj was supposed to take me out, but he didnt. it
snowed and snowed and snowed and well.... he said he
couldnt get up the hill to see me. i was so upset. and then
i found out he left to go to his friends house instead. he
leaves tomorrow and im soo upset. new years eve was the
last time i could have seen him. i cried so much and still
a little upset i feel he has ditched me. i mean if he can
drive to his friends why cant he drive to my house?... i
dont know what to do ne more. we got in a fight and hes
ignoring me right now. this is not the way i wanted to end
our terms. so here i am home alone my mom went out my dad
left so go somehwere and my brother and sisters are goneat
my grandmas and i have to work tomorrow. :( i wish he would
just call me so we can talk things out. i really wanted to
see him one last time. i mean hes leaving for Miami to go
record his CD and i wont see him for a very long time. i
hate how this always happens to me. iw ish he would
surprise me and come up to my house ne ways. i dont know
what to do ne more. i want to be with him, buti dont know
if thats the best thing for me to do... i love him and all
but i hate hurting like this. well this is my new years.
crying, upset, and him out with his friends... what ever..
connor asked me to go out with him but hes drinking and i
dont wanna get in the car with them, especially sense it is
snowing and they are drunk i may never come back alive!...
so i said no.. so im here ... i gotta go ttyl!

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