the excitingness of my life
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2004-01-02 01:43:23 (UTC)

new year's

my new year's was intresting if you know the whole story
about liz's house good for you if you dont you will either
A)hear about it on monday morning or B) never know so yeah
as i was venting to nicole last night i realized that i
dont love david. like he ruined my life and i hate him. i
kinda knew this but i thought going out with him would make
me get over him. i guess not. well w/e i just dont want
to see him again. i have so much shit to deal with. and
its basically *all* in my past. my past is starting to
come back and haunt me. and i hate it.... like idk i just
thought whats in the past would stay in the past i guess
not. fuck all of this. i guess my life is permanently
fucked up. i cant wait to go to college just get away from
every fucking one.

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