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2004-01-02 00:44:11 (UTC)

Happy New Year!

Well, it's 2004, I lived through another year. I was
supposed to go to a New Year's Eve party at my friend
Kat's house, who has a crush on me (and I like her too),
and we were going to have all kinds of wild, kinky fun.
With Ryan too, of course. And her man Lewis (who is hot,
and made out with Gini at Lily's party- while I was busy
making out with Kat). They're a very "open" couple. But
Kat cancelled the party, dammit, so Ryan and I were stuck
at home, since we had turned down all other party offers.
But that's okay. We still rang in the New Year with a
BANG ;o)
It's been so nice not having to go to work or school
for a week. But that's all over after this weekend, and
back to the real world. Which is why Gini & I, and
possibly Ryan, Tiff, and Will, are all going down to do
some major partying down in TJ this weekend. I plan on
getting as drunk as I was last time I went with her (I
believe there is a diary entry for that, from a couple of
years ago- or at least there should be, since it was the
drunkest I'd ever been, LOL).
Christmas went well, I got lots of presents that
smell good. And that's what I like! I got Ryan a nice cozy
long-sleeved black and gray shirt that he really likes,
and a beauteous watch. It changes colors, sort of. I also
got Evan (my oldest younger brother) tickets to the
Missing Persons concert, and we're going to go this
weekend when I get back from TJ. That'll be fun. I've been
wanting to bond with him and spend time with him, since he
seems to be growing up so very, VERY fast. He turned 14
today! Yikes.
Okay, that's all for now, not too much has been going
on, I've been sooo incredibly busy with school and work.
It sucks. But that's life. Bye for now!

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