Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-01-01 23:45:21 (UTC)

resoulutions and goals

well...its the new year. most people take today to say
there new years goals and resolutions. *rolls eyes* i
normally dont do this but.... my new years resoultion is
to be a better and mentally stronger person. i dont want
to be brought down by people anymore and i just want to
FEEL better about myself. people always tell me how im too
skinny and stuff. i dont see it. not gonna argue
with them nemore. i dun like my body. if they do then hey
whatever floats ur boat. and my new years goal is to find
tru love. maybe ive already found it. idk. *sigh* i think
i have....but who knows. *shrug* things change really
easily. people change really easily. hopefully this year
is better then last year. hopefully. *crosses fingers*

tt ya'll l8er.