wrestling lover
2004-01-01 23:38:04 (UTC)

Happy happy new year

Monday was the best. Stone cold came back. it was so
exciting. i was screaming. i love stone cold. nothing
else new happy new year to everyone. 2004 wow. yahoo.
cant wait till next weeks raw. just to let everone no
that i love brock lesnar i love stonecold i like rvd
booker t and lots others but my fav is brock lesnar. its
new years day and im bored so i just started doing this
diary so i hope it makes me unbored. talk to you later or
tonight. im just watching much count down fav videos of
2003. if u like me than email me at [email protected] i
have msn. and i love chatin. talk to u later. love yall.

celeste nickname wrestling lover

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