My Diary
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2004-01-01 23:05:14 (UTC)

My Wonderful Boyfriend Austin James Clouatre

I don't know where I would be without him right now in my
life. He helps me out with alot of stuff. I tell him
EVERYTHING. He's the bestest thing that has ever happened
to me. Being around him just makes me so happy. I know I
can be myself around him because he loves me for who I am
not for what I look like. I love him so much its unreal.
Yes we do have our problems, but we always get through
them and I'm glad that we do because I don't know what I
would do if I lost him. He is my everything and without
him I would be nothing. He is the sweetest person I know
and I love him.

I love you so much baby!!

Kelsie Ann Broussard