would the world stop spinning
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2004-01-01 22:04:46 (UTC)

if winter ends

happy new year to everyone...

i had an amazing new years eve...i was surrounded by
beautiful women. i went to shannon and ali's for the night.
hadda few drinks there,watched the ball drop,kissed anyone
standing close to then we all went into the hall
where we ended up like half crashing these other peoples
party. everyone decided that we were going to up on we were off. terri being the only person not
waisted and one of three who could drive a stick,they made
me drive there....only staled once,woohoo.we stayed untill
kori started feeling sick.shannon drove us home.i stayed
at their house,crunched up on this love seat with ali. got
a g'night/ happy new years kiss and fell asleep..not a bad
time at all...aside from shannon and beckah bringing the
new year in so loudly.
hope everyone else had fun too.