2004-01-01 21:08:35 (UTC)

So it's the New Year...

...And everyone thinks they all of a sudden need to start
thinking of ways to better themselves, so they start making
resolutions. I don't make resolutions. Resolutions are for
breaking, and for ha ha's. I make goals. And on a daily
basis at that. I already know what I want to do this next
year. I don't need the calender to tell me that I need to
look into these things.

Well, one way or another, I was gonna sleep through it. But
I got a chance to go to a get together which go a little
weird later cause yet again it was me and like 8 guys at
around 1 in the morning. Even though it wasn't a hotel,
lots of people everyone but me was sleeping over and one
guy had already passed out. Quite like that one year when
it was me and 9 guys. Too similar. We didn't drink though.
That was funny and good. Well, internet still screwy so I'm