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2004-01-01 20:04:20 (UTC)

Happy New Year Guys!

Whats going on?! Damn, its already 2004! My year just
flew right on by. I guess when its your year, it goes by
faster than you think. 2004 sucks ass! Well today it just
started but it still sucks. Its all about 2003! This New
Years was quite a treat. Laura and I spent it together
alone. Its been great! We popped fireworks, some bad ass
ones too! I would always tell myself, when I find the
right person, she has to love popping fireworks and to
play video games. I found her. :) I hope good things
happen this year. Its supposed to be my year since Im
turning 19 soon. Damn....Im getting old! Im still not
really mature though, don't want to be either. Well I hope
everyone the best this New Year. I also wish my baby the
best. Hi MUM! :)I hope everything you wish comes true
MAMAS! I Love You! Oh yeah, I want to put a little message
on here that I wish someone would read but most likely
won't. This is for you Larissa.....you are a really nice
girl but Im truly IN LOVE WITH LAURA. Im taken, sorry.
Jackie doesn't belong to you, so um stop trying. Ok,
another message to someone else. This time, for Laura....I
LOVE YOU MAMAS! Ok well got to go. Bye bye people!


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