taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2004-01-01 19:41:33 (UTC)

The Future Is Now!

....well the '04 door has been opened (and in fine style
last night if I may say), and while everywhere you look you
see another "Best of, Most influential of, Cheesiest of,
Hottest of, ... 2003" You will not be subjected to that
bullshit here. This sponsor-free entry goes below the
surface of the subjective "...of '03" lists and stuff. I'd
just like to say a few things about the year passed along
with other stuff, if I may.

Firstly, apologies to the faithful for the less than
inspiring entries of last month, and the month before that.
Dickens' most quoted quote applies to my year...

Fuck, what am I doing. I don't want this to sound like
that. ok. so here's a better attempt...

War is for losers with small dicks. I will eventually kill
someone for saying I look like Ryan Malcom. Lowell Green
couldn't grasp the concept of left-wing or right-wing, the
entire political spectrum, even if it came up, spit in his
coffee, and bit his ignorant ass. All rap music videos
suck. Good Charlotte is not the new face of punk rock but
maybe it is now that punk band selling out became an
olympic event this year. Scorching your hand on a the glass
of a gas fireplace is not the worst kind of pain. Getting
drunk and fondelling strippers is not the best kind of
pleasure. Teen dramas can sucker in even the most hardcore
opposition. Cinnamon heart flavoured alcohol is dead to me.
Where was the warning lable for year 3 at Carleton? The
Sens are going all the way baybay! I wish i lived in a
world without sequals. Dentistry is the systematic tourture
technique of western society. It's been basically a year
since I began documenting my thoughts et al on my-
diary.org, we need more bubbley. And, I resolve to grow
bigger balls in 'oh four.