life as a teenager
2004-01-01 06:02:29 (UTC)

happy new years :S

hey i havent written in here in a while so i will tell u
whats been goin on --alright first of all me and aaron are
still together:( 2nd he made plans with me tonight on NEW
YEARS--the day ur sposed to be with ur man and he totally
blew me off last minute--- i was so pissed-- i hung up on
him--i dont feel bad though-- next i told ash how she and i
are weird with eachother now she says ERICA I NEED TO TALK
to u --well thats what she said tonight at sarahs party but
that was a gay party so me and kass, kel,and kristi, all
went to amys house--that was so much better:) anyways other
than me not bein with aaron it was fun! alright i dont
wanna go back to school!!! its gunna suck--ok so nuthin
really has happened so i am gunna go !! nyte nyte

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