The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-01 05:12:49 (UTC)

Another wasted year lol

Well, 2 hours for me and it's 2004....what a year i've
actually wasted lol. But, a new year does mean a new
start, and I have every intention in fullfilling my
dreams. My first dream has come true already: To become a
DJ for a radio station. Mind ya, it's not an "official"
home-city based's an internet station...and
if you're into rock, you will like it! Watch for DJ Toxic
on Killer Rock Radio in 2004! (

Other than that, i'm recently single...again...i dunno if
it's just me....but i've got a problem with women lol. We
chose we were better friends, and didn't want nothin to
come between yea, we ended things...all the
best, cause i DO get to keep one of my BEST friends in the
whole world..the chick that's been there for me since i
first met her...and i've been there for, it's a
bad and good thing all in one.

Anyways, i do have intentions on staying single....unless
someone can give me a GOOD reason NOT to lol.

Have a GREAT year everybody, cause i know i will have my
up's and down's...but life keeps getting better everyday


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