Bailey R

Spok Me
2004-01-01 01:24:48 (UTC)

This Sucks

Honestly, New Years Eve is so over rated it's sickening.
Everyone is freaking out days, even weeks before, if they
don't have plans for the night. Then there's the times when
you DO have plans, and everyone's physced.. but then at the
last minute the fall through. Which is exactly what
happened to me this year. We we're supposed to go to
Aaron's, but the Jake's 'rents got him a condo in the city
for 3 nights to himself.. so the guys are all going to go
down there.. basically the girls got screwed over, and now
we're left with nothing to do. Everyones 'rents are gonna
be home, so no *fun* tonight .. i guess the girls are going
to just sit around either at Meredith's or Lily's and have
ANOTHER "Girls night" .. this has been the worst
winterbreak ever!!!! i've been bored out of my mind! i
can't even explain to you! ... i'm sick of being bored. i'm
sick of having nothing to do or to look forward to. If
Jake didn't have to be so friggin SELFISH everyone would be
happy and have plans tonight. But noo Jake doesn't like to
hang out with girls.. so he has to come up with something
to make the guys ditch us!.. maybe he's gay... i'm so mad
at my self for ever getting involved with him.. it's so
pathetic that i'm still worked up over it all. i need a
life.. better yet i need something to do!

Later * Bailey