you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-12-31 22:04:53 (UTC)

ahh damn it all nothing is..

ahh damn it all nothing is getting better. things are only
getting worse they don't seem to be better at all. it's
never quiet here. they talk so loud, i can always hear
their voices through the walls. and their footsteps.
always stomping around on my cieling... it never stops.
why am i never alone? it's unnatural. people are supposed
to be alone SOMETIMES but even if i'm in a room by myself
i can always hear someone, so i'm never really alone. i
was watching pi and my mom started yelling at me cause in
the movie the people were really violent and yelling
obsenities and such... she was in the room the whole
freakin time and nothnig about that movie caught her
attention. none of the theories, the plot, nothing,
nothing until it was something she didn't like. she made
this discusting pasta crap for dinner. it's all creamy and
gross i fuckin hate it but i'm eating it anyways. i'm not
even fuckin hungry i'm just eating it. god, nothing ever
changes. it just goes in cycles of better and worse,
better and worse but it's never any differnt. i have to go
back to school in 5 days. i don't want to. adn i can't sit
still. i keep pacing or tossing and turning in my bed. hey-
it's quiet. i guess my mom is napping or something and we
are the only ones here but it won't last.......