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2003-12-31 20:36:57 (UTC)

2003 Year in Review

New Year's Eve has arrived. The year 2003, my 21st here
on earth, has come to an end. There are a lot of events
that I will remember from the past 12 months of my life.
There were lots of good things, bad things, happy things,
and sad things. I definitely learned a lot not only about
myself, but also the ones I surround myselves with as well
as the world that I am a member of. I met some really
interesting people that have had an extraordinary impact
on me. It's been a time of growth and change for me.

What I have decided to do is make a "cheesy little
countdown" of the 10 Most Important Moments from 2003. I
kept these to personal moments and didn't include worldly
events (i.e. Iraq). I think that these moments are going
to be the ones that I remember most from 2003. So let the
countdown commence.......

#10 The Doors at Hard Rock (Friday, May 23)
This show was, by far, the greatest concert I have ever
seen. I can't possibly imagine what it must have been
like to see Jim live in person. The atmosphere was insane
and every single person in there wanted to be there for
the music. It was a fitting end to a very difficult
semester for me and something that I think ended up being
the best that I experienced that alone. It's a personal
memory I will always cherish.

#9 Spring Semester 2003 (January - April)
The Spring semester was a huge learning experience for
me. Inside and outside of the classroom, I learned a lot
about myself. I persevered through chronic fatigue in the
final 4 weeks, fought with Wendy's management, studied
nonstop, and became a better individual. The 3.5 at the
end of the term summed up the semester quite well for me.

#8 Nicole (March - July)
This was probably the most written about and discussed
topic of the whole year. It's weird the way things work
out sometimes. It seemed like we were so close a couple
of times but then it gets snatched away from me. I am
glad that I still have her as a friend and that I get to
occasionally talk to her.

#7 The Truck (Friday, August 22)
This event is the costliest in the whole countdown. It's
still a difficult thing for me to deal with. I still have
a hard time leaving the truck outside despite the fact
that I leave nothing in it now. The shock of that whole
event was very difficult for me. I had a lot of
sentimental meaning behind the CDs that were stolen and I
miss them dearly to this day.

#6 Living Alone (August - Current)
Living by myself has been great! I have loved it! All of
the events that go down come through me. I have become
much more responsible through having my own apartment and
I think that I have a clean and tidy place despite all of
the decorations and such still being worked out. It's
been fabulous to this point.

#5 History & Historians Paper (August - December)
4 months of hard work paid off in the end with an A. But
through the 18-page epic, I learned to do research and I
learned what it took to be a successful paper writer. I
have never had such a mammoth project but I am glad that I
did. I think it made me a better overall worker and gave
me important skills that I will use throughout my
professional career.

#4 End of Wendy's (Sunday, July 20)
A crucial part of my teenage and early college days ended
on that muggy Sunday night as I clocked out for the final
time. I walked out of there and vowed to myself to never
work at Wendy's again. After bickering with the new
general manager over a grill that kept on catching fire, I
had an epiphany in the bathroom and I decided that a major
overhaul in my life was needed. The four years at Wendy's
were very important in my growth into the man I have
become today. I have lifelong memories about that place.
Some good, some not so good. But in the end, it's a place
that I got a lot out of.

#3 Theresa (November - December)
Theresa will go down as the most significant new person
from 2003. She listened to me and has really cared for me
since the first time we talked. I will never forget how
she scoured through the Library looking for "some guy with
a beard". I opened myself up to her like I don't think I
have ever done to anyone in my life. Hopefully she will
be a recurring character in some important capacity in

#2 Finding My Calling (Summer)
Over the summer, I strongly believe that God sent me a
message as to what He wants me to do with my life. I
think He wants me to study ancient Roman and Biblical
history with a focus on the archaeology. I have been
blessed with writing skills and a work ethic that will
hopefully lead me to accomplishing a lot in life. I feel
that track is both fascinating and productive. It is also
somewhat obscure and I pray that I make a significant
contribution and make the world a better places for future

#1 Nana (Tuesday, May 27)
I think that this is the obvious choice for the top
moment. This was a sad occasion for the family but I am
happy that her suffering is over and that she's truly
home. She was one of the few people who watched me grow
up and I will always give her credit for many of the
personality traits that I have. She gave me encouragement
in everything that I did and was brutally honest with me.
She was one of a kind in my heart..........

Well if you got to this point I thank you for reading.
There were other events that almost made the countdown
that I will always remember. In the end, however, these
are the things that had the most impact on how I got to
this point. Hopefully 2004 will bring lots of great
things and oppurtunities...

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