Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-12-31 20:24:17 (UTC)

thoughts at work

so yeah hello
many things have been worrying me lately:
how do I make a living making music?
when am I going to be able to record my 1st full length
are the decisions I am making in life the best ones?
I am at work now
I am not supposed to be on the internet yet that is all I
do all day long. Mostly doing band work.
all I ever do is figure out how I can just write, record,
and play music for the rest of my life.
Christmas was great, I got way too much stuff to tell all
of it...but I am so thankful to God for everything cause I
didn't expect half of it. Or deserve anything.
I just finished reading Peter Pan(that is right I finished
namedropper then started Lullaby then midway read Peter Pan
and now I am back to Lullaby) anywho but yeah Peter Pan was
good. I had never read it before just heard the story and
saw the Disney movie. But it's not at all like I
remembered, it's actually alot more adult oriented than I
thought. I loved it.
Now I will go see the movie this weekend. I saw Big Fish
and Something Has Got To Give last week. Other movies I
have seen lately are About a Boy, Down With Love, and
Seabiscuit. I would recomend all these movies except maybe
Something Has Got To Give unless your a woman over 30.
I made my Matt Mixx 2003 I am so excited about it I have
gotten rid of all of them except maybe 2 which are promised
to people. But yeah I am pretty excited about it and it
even has a theme. i have also been listening to the New
Travis album, The Best of Run DMC, The Best of Smashing
Pumpkins, The Best of Counting Crows, and the best of Red
Hot Chili Peppers. I was trying to think of the best albums
of the year...I will try to have my top ten soon.
My friend Trey asked me to help him write and produce some
of his songs which I think is really good and makes me very
happy. One of the things I want to do besides Pacifico is
help write and produce other peoples stuff as well as maybe
do a solo thing sometime.
I am trying to figure out what i am doing tonight...
These Holidays have brought one thing to my mind:
loved ones aka friends and family
I have realized I miss having people close and I realized
how much i appreciate the ones that have been. I cried at
mom's house just because of how happy I was that i was in
Atlanta with my family on Christmas rather in a small
stuffy apartment with just the band.
Anywho yeah life is great and I can't wait to start a new
year; a year in which the band records a full length album
and hopefully get signed; a year in which the band goes on
tour more than once; and a year in which i learn and grow
into the man God wants.