My boring old life that seems interestin
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2003-12-31 20:21:09 (UTC)

New Day almost a New Year

Dear Die-ry:

been talking to Julia today. Amanda told her that she liked
her on Christmas. They might date. I dunno Ok on
to another topic. I feel fat. I think I am. Tyler and alex
are always calling me fatty and does that help
me feel any better? It doesnt. I mean I do eat a lot...but
then I don't eat much either...when i eat i eat a lot. I
dont eat breakfast or lunch just dinner...and I dont eat
much at dinner. So I dunno. I don't think I have a problem
but some people think I do. Wats up with the world these
days? ok how about another
sister...thats a fun topic. She is so prejudice against my
friends bc they are "punks" and "goths". They arent her
friends so y should she care? they dont talk to her. She
always makes these stupid remarks to me about how they are
weird and stupid bc they listen to the music they listen
to, and how they dress. My bros and my sis all make fun of
me bc I listen to rock and stuff they tell me I am weird
and they wish I werent part of the family. I hate that. I
am not accepted at school and now not at home...the one
place that i thought i could be accepted for who I am and
not be made fun of. Now where do I turn? who do i turn to
to accept me? There is no one. This is so messed up. I hate
my life. its worse than wat i put here in my
journal...there are things i bottle up...which i know i
shouldnt do...but i do bc i like to have secrets with
myself. I used to be wiccan. I think it would "enjoyable"
to be wiccan again. its a fun "religion" if thats wat you
want to call it. I dunno. I know like one chic in my school
who is wiccan and she is really cool. Her name is
Jonel..maybe I should talk to her about it...thats wat ill
do. she wat she has to say. ok i guess ill write more
later..or tomorrow..who knows...4 hours till BOOMERS! yeh
cant wait. ok bye

your hopelessly depressed writer:


ps i applied for a job at walgreens...hope i get it! :)