Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2003-12-31 18:23:04 (UTC)

good and bad news....

well...the doctor isnt going to do surgery. The skin
infection on the foot is too bad. hes got 2 blisters on it
that doc weinburger drained yesterday. they looked a bit
better today but b/c of that and the swelling there is too
much of a risk for surgery. the bones right now are in a
spot where they COULD heal...but that means no walking for
a long time. doc leddy wrapped his foot and put it in a
cast. they go for another app. jan 8 to take the cast off
and see how it is doing. if its looking good then he'll re-
cast it. it all depends on how things go. thing that bugs
me is that the doc told him about 10 times that he HAS to
put that foot up. he HAS to keep it elevated. my grandpa
just says 'ok ok'. we get him home....i try to get him to
put his foot up and no. 'i have to do some work on the
computer' he says. well if he wants to make his foot worse,
i say go right ahead. he wants to have the possiblity to
be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life...and put my
grandma through hell trying to get the wheelchair in and
out of the car and pushing him around. doc weinburger also
told him that he could get a rare throat cancer if he keeps
drinking and smoking. and it only happens to people who
drink alcohol AND smoke cigs. well i say im glad i learned
of this now. im not letting nobody i love do that. and i
kno that cody wont let me do that to myself ever either. i
cant stop my grandpa from drinking and smoking. hes been
smoking since he was about 10 and drinking since my age.
and he drinks a pint and a half of liquer a night and he
starts drinking at 4pm and dont stop till he goes to
bed...and it used to be most nights that wasnt till past
midnight. i should kno. i used to live with him and my mum
and my grandma. id come home from school and he'd start
drinking about an hour, hour and a half after i got home.
well thats how it was till he fell and broke his ankle. oh
and he was drunk when he broke his ankle too. so...who
knows. the pharmisist (sp?) told my grandma that the meds
doc leddy proscribed today are stronger then what he has
been taking so hopefully it will keep him on the couch with
his foot proped up. just maybe. well thats all for now.
i'll write again later....hopefully i'll calm down soon.

Love to all who read this,

p.s- i just ask one favor of all who read this....just pray
for him. pray that my grandpa gets better. i dont care if
you pray to god or bob (Lizzy and Brie) or budda or allah
or whoever. i dont care. just pray to whoever you believe
in. maybe with all of your prayers he can stop smoking and
drinking too. then i could maybe have an almost normal

and btw- anything read in here is not to be repeated. i dun
need everyone knoing my busness. i only let a few of you
read this and you few are my tru friends. so....welcom to
my life....ur stuck with me now. enjoy! lol