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chason pour les petits enfant
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2003-12-31 12:01:09 (UTC)

Poor Shiela

I try. My whole life I've tried to do the best I can. I'm 29 now and still haven't been promoted. My new boss is 16. Her name is Miss Patricia and she's a high school intern or something like that. This is a publishing firm for paperback books. I don't know how to do anything so I deliver things from office to office and do sexual favors for my bosses. I have a lot of bosses. I get good pay, about 10 bucks an hour and split a nice apartment with this girl - I think her name is Maura, or something like that. So that's OK.

So I'm used to going from room to room and having sex. I know it helps their tension relax so that's pretty much been my job since I got here when I was 16 because I couldn't make it through high school. Theres good things about it though. Everyone tells me I'm pretty and nice. That makes me feel good. I don't mind the sex. I'm as polite as I can be. Very nice to everyone. I know how they all like it. Mostly I have oral sex. One guy likes this way he calls 'around the world'. I got used to it by now though. Only one is real mean. Plus theres always 2 or 3 women that want head. So I'm used to that too. I do the best I can and I never have had any complaints. So I don't know why I got this new boss. Miss Patricia. She takes me around to the offices and writes things on her clip-board about my sex. She's evaluating me she says. She said I have to do better. I don't know what to do. I practice blow-jobs all the time at my apartment complex and I never get complaints. One guy has a dick about 14 inches and after a few minutes I can take all of it. He likes anal the best but likes to ejaculate in my mouth. Miss Patricia has all these things she thinks I should do to be better. But I'm 29 now. When am I going to get promoted? I want to work in the copy room. I can work a copy machine, even collateing. I can use a computer and fax machine and word processor. I don't know for sure what Miss Patricia has in mind, but now none of the other girls will even talk to me. They have different job responsibilities. Miss Patricia says I can't wear panties and my dresses are "way long". So I half to hem them up. So I don't know really whats up.

I guess when you're pretty and clean, but kind of dumb, life is deifferent than for the other people. I just hope she stops hitting me pretty soon.

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