once again
2003-12-31 08:11:34 (UTC)

maybe it does loose itself

Perfume looses it's smell like love and relationships loose
their meaning. I haven't talked to Ace since saturday and
proabably won't until next week. It's new years eve and
he's going away this weekend with one of his frineds whose
a girl. Fine go ahead. Whatever. So now I'll be spending
new years tonight soemwhere I don't want to be but that's
fine becuase obviously we have lost our umph. I'm a little
hurt and I left a message on his cell phone today not very
warm and welcoming but he calls while at i'm at work becuae
he can't take time to call me while he's hanging out with a
friend that is in from michigan. I do 't get him and I
introdyuced him to a few friends this weekend on friday
night and I said he was my boyfriend and i was like is that
ok? He just said it's fine considering the circumstances
meaning that were in a place like that...a bar and you
really don't know what else to say. So fine whatever. He
can come to me, I'm not calling him I'm not doing anything.
If he truly likes me he can call me and damn well better be
when midnight hits for the new year. If not then you lost
somehting great.