robot talk. bleepity bloop.
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2003-12-31 06:20:27 (UTC)

youll like this one. its just for you.

i need more signs. i need them to tell me which way to go,
to blink red when ive done it wrong, to blink green when
ive done it brilliantly. or something new like purple and
blue...well decide tomorrow. i need everything to move out
of my way. and above all, i need to stop making believe.
will you get into to heaven if you make believe. will you
get to wear a silk robe designed by elsa schiaparelli
complete with your personal monogram?
i didnt think so.

so ill stop writing in code. but thats a lie.
and ill take this heart off of my sleeve with a seam ripper.
also a lie.

there are some things a girl cant change like who she loves
and who she hates. unless, of course it happens to be the
same person. and so it goes.

its like changing your favorite color or your favorite
memory. im still hoping that new colors will be invented,
and old ones will be forgotten with the color puce.

2004 tu thou sand for

that is a magnificent looking number.

i think we're all going to be alright.

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