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2003-12-31 06:13:50 (UTC)

Another day away from home

I am tempted to say that my mom hates the house. Although
she did take all week off to be at "home" with me. Haha.
Well today she wakes me up at 11:00, yes I slept till 11
but i didn't go to bed until 4:30. She then says she is
taking the kids out and wants to know if I feel like
going. I am thinking I would love to just stay home all
by myself today and just get stuff done but then I was
like the KIDS. I have to go. So I get up and get ready
quite quickly and we go and get them. Riley's hair today
acutally looked extra cute because her curls were not all
matted down after a nights sleep the were fresh and
bouncy. Her hair is soooo cute. Well anyways, we take
them to McDonalds, get them food all that good stuff.
Well my mom is getting moodier and pickier about things so
are food was not hot enough so she had to go get new food
which even took longer. She is loosing her mind I think.
Yesterday, we were in the car and and she had just turned
it off but the windshild wipers were half way up so she
turned the car on and I assume she is going to turn the
windshield whipers off well she starts messing with the
lights and this went on for a good min, and I am looking
at her thinking what is she doing so I finally say mom
what in the world are you doing you are turning the lights
on and off and she goes oh that is why the windshield
whipers wont go down. HAhA. Wow! anyways back to today
we then let them play on the indoor playground... great
fun, and then we went to see Peter Pan, which I believe is
like the seventh movie I have seen on this Christmas
Break. haha, what can i say I like going to the movies.
So we get back and I feel kind of bad like the last two
days so I take a long nap.. Mom wakes me up for my
favorite dinner, spagetti and then I do a whole lot of
nothing until some of my high school friends come over,
Kevin, Jessica, Kate, Brad, and Todd. We play catch
phrase and watch Bad Boys II, pretty good movie. I
haven't seen the first one but I liked the second one.
Well that is about it. Tomorrow another day of running.
Maybe on Friday I will get to stay at home. Happy New
Year! Next year I am going to lose weight... haha and the
past five years I was going to too. hehe