Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-12-31 03:59:10 (UTC)

Aliens, don't come knocking on our door...

I used to like that Aliens movie, made that many years ago
by that nameless dude who did another movie. Hicks,
Hudson, Apone, those characters were indelible. I watched
it again, and couldn't feel how unsophisticated that movie
all of a sudden became. Was I just too familiar with it?
Or had I just outgrown it? Was the War of the Ring so
epic, that their little story with the aliens just seemed
so trifling... Re-do Aliens, sending out thousands of
their queens, and millions of their offspring, in their
gargantuan space machines, and fly to earth, and kill every
human in sight.... Of course, we have to be on the humans'
side, so we'll devise huge and ingenious defenses of our
own. Use immense tracking particle cannons, and nukes, and
blow those silly little critters into a trillion pieces,
and watch their crunchy exoskeletons and nice-happy-to-see-
you smiles disintegrate into our atmosphere, and faintly
listen to the fizzing of their acid blood oxidize for our
audible pleasure... Lol, yeah......