Its MY Life
2003-12-31 03:44:49 (UTC)

ahhh love...

damn...everything right now is just crazzzy! one
minute im sad and pissed off n then next im all happy! lol
everything is def. outta my hands right now! i've just
been listening to these songs that remind me of my
boyfriend...and now im all happy! but hes in virginia
right now... and i havnt talked to him for like 26 hours..
lol thats the longest we've gone without talking! its
reallllly weird! but thank goddd he's goin boarding
thursday! but it was soooo cute we were just talking, and
he started singing "you are my everything" to me and i was
like AHH! if i were standing up i would have gone weak in
the knees! lol hes the sweetest guy i have ever dated let
alone talk to.. lol! but i dunno i had to say somethin
about him... but im gonna get going to sleep cuz somebody
is gonna party hard tomorrow night :-D

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