My Big Dreams
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2003-12-31 02:22:13 (UTC)

Xmas Bliss

yah ok so i havent written in a while. ah well c'est la
vie. je peux parler francais! well somewhat. still in
French I so i'm not too good. but french is so much fun...
spanish may be put to good use but french is pretty. &
cecile & i can go into conversations that no one in our
group understands & piss 'em off. bonus!
anywhat, xmas was fun. got a whole shitload plethoria of
CDS: nickleback the long road, fountains of wayne, linkin
park meteora, all american rejects, greenday nimrod,
rancid indestructable, silverchair best of vol.1, &
Superchic[k]. SC's a christian band & theyre pretty good.
very upbeat & happy, yet not annoyingly so. kinda like
Relient K crossed with the Donnas. & i got DVDs too: rocky
horror picture show, monty python & the holy grail,
nighmare before christmas. cult classics. score. oh & i
got a big fat gift card to hot topic & bought THE BEST
DAMN BOOTS EVER. theyre so so so so so awesome it's almost
orgasmic. i had to wear them all the next day i couldnt
resist, weak pisces that i am. i couldnt stop smiling...
so happy! no im not shoe-obsessed. & i really cant lie for
gonna have a mini party for New Years. awesome. i had more
to write about but i lost my train of thought & motivation.