Its MY Life
2003-12-31 01:08:13 (UTC)

FuKed uP

wow...parents suck my ASS! i seroiusly think they're
only there to ruin ur life and make u feel like your a
peice of stupid shit...like my parents pratically told me
im a bad kid and im gonna turn out as some ho-
bo/prostitute getting fucked every night! im not even that
bad...i mean im gonna do some stupid shit im sure but i'll
turn out fine..but i dunno i just can't let them get to
me... im not gonna let somebody 30 years older than me
tell me how to be and what to do! i know i'll be out of
here in 4 years... but i just wish i could get out now!
and just be with the man of my dreams and live happy w/o
them in my life! yea, i love them and if either my mom or
dad were to get hurt i'd be like depressed... but at the
same time i just want them out of my life.. and more
focused on theirs. and if they wanna be in my life and a
part in it... they should at least try to see things from
my point of view too..i just either wish i was a lil kid
or a 20/30 year old girl living on my own and living MY
but whenever i get my mind off of my family and onto
my friends everything is like, PERFECT! i got the BEST
friends, and the perfect boyfriend... and i got my
snowboard! thats all i need in my life!
friends,boyfriend,board, and oh yea, my music! lol cuz
thats how i get away from everything when im stuck in this
hell house! thank god tomorrow is new years eve... i
really gotta figure out what i want with my life... i mean
it doesnt even feel like im in high school and only 3
years away from figuring out what i want to do with my
life! thats fuckin nuttts! but whatever im partyin
tomorrow even tho i gotta babysit! lol
but damn, i can't wait till thursday night... im goin
boarding again! seroiusly, whenever I go
snowboarding...there's like no worries in my life. just
hanging out with your friends and doing something you
love.. is perfect! i love the feeling it is when your
going off a jump and your in the air... its like your
flying! even when you bomb it and land on your ass you
still are the happiest lil fuck around! and i love the
feeeling of the cold air hitting my face when im racing
down the hill and tears comin down my cheeks cuz the cold
air is hitting me so hard... its sooo hard to explain the
feeling i get when im snowboarding! i seroiusly think its
what i want to do with my life... just riding every
mountain in the world with my friends..cuz so many of my
friends kick ass at snowboarding im sure they'll get
somwhere with it in their life...but whatever... my
favorite quote....
NO regrets, and everybody wang chung tonight! lol its
from out cold...best movie everrr! but yea im startin to
talk about nothin.. lol so i'll finish this shit later~~

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