Psychology 1
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2003-12-30 23:41:54 (UTC)

Day 1: Intro

Hello. This is day 1, and the introduction to my journal
that I have to start for my psychology 1 class. The purpose
of this is to show how this course has made an impact on
how I would perceive people knowing more about why people
do what they do, and why they would do it. It also is to
prove how the course has helped me understand people and
myself better. I am suppose to choose an area of my own
personal weakness in my life and explain strategies to be
able to cope with it and show how it has changed my life.
But I would have to believe that this process is easier
said than done, because it is not easy for people to admit
their personal weaknesses, let alone make sense to other
people why it has affected them so much. Everyone is
different and has their own problems and weaknesses.
Everyone has their own unique way of dealing with these
issues and continuing with their everyday lives. So the
best I can offer is explaining how I, myself, feel about my
weakness and how I deal with it on a daily basis. The issue
that I think I have a great deal of trouble with is
relationships. Relationships are one of the most rewarding
things in life to possess, yet they can be one of the
hardest things to maintain, depending on the type of person
you are. They require may a great amount of trust and
loyalty, and if you are not the type of person, that may
limit how many relationships you have. As for me, trust is
an issue with me when it comes to relationships. Not
knowing who is really on your side and who may be stabbing
you in the back in the near future, is something that I
think about. I believe that the past holds the key to how
people respond to certain parts of everyday life, and my
past has effected why I react the way I do in particular
relationships. Throughout the next few weeks I will
continue to write in this journal about my personal
experiences with relationships and how past experiences,
even though long ago occurred, lives on in my mind and
decision making to this day. Who knew that the past played
such a dominent role in who we would grew up to be?