would the world stop spinning
2003-12-30 22:19:30 (UTC)

oh got me under your spell

for the last couple days i've done nothing but download
and burn music...alot good stuff,but my favorite songs are
all the ones from this summer,so they make me a lil
sad,and make me think of caela alot...
i'd writen this huge entry and the computer shut this
window,damn this computer.
oh the phone finally got turned back on.

*sings*waaaait...till i hit the ground harder...wish i
could hear her heart beat faster...wish i
could waaaait..till i missed her flavor,my days are
numbered here...............oh here we go
and i said there you are baby,waiting on the sun.

*wait-something corporate*

i'm done with this awful year!
i want her here to start the new year with me...not that
she'd be HERE is stupid!