My boring old life that seems interestin
2003-12-30 17:48:28 (UTC)

Been Awhile....

Dear Die-ry:

Wow it has been awhile since I have wrote. Seriously. It's
ok though, bc I have been keeping a die-ry on paper as
well. I have made some really good friends this school
year...namely amanda and katrina. Me and manda went through
a lot with these two guys..Tyler and Alex...but its ok cuz
we dont really like them anymore anyways. I thought this
guy Aerin liked me...turns out he doesnt..i ran straight to
Tyler...but then I backed off. Realized what i was doing. I
am not even going to worry about guys right now anyways.
They cause to much stress. Dont you think? come on u kno u
agree with me! lol neways. I went to Pcola for Christmas
and had the best time with Jackie. I didnt realize how much
i missed her till I saw her. We went to lunch and to the
mall...she drives now! we had THE GREATEST TIME EVER! i
missed her the second she drove away from the house. But I
still have the memories of our time together. When I turn
18 I am moving straight back up there. Me and Jackster are
going to apply to all the same colleges. Stetson, FSU,
Keiser, FAU, and many more. We will go to the same college
regardless. We are both going to take Paralegal classes,
then go to Law dream..Harvard Law...but I have
to get my grades up. I dunno though. We both want to be a
lawyer and we have a way of working hard to get what we
want, so I know we will make it. No worries. Manda is
grounded so I cant talk to her..not i think she
is in Lake City right now....dunno though..I'm talkin 2
sara. Man I love her! She has been my best friend since 9th
grade. I dont know where i would be without her. honestly.
Hmmm boredness right now. I am going to Boomers in Dania
tomoro night. Cant wait. Julia is coming with me. It will
be so much fun. i guess i wrote enuf for now. ttyl

hmm i just read over the last two entries...things have
changed...i dont even talk to jessica and jennifer anymore.
i dont have any classes with jennifer and jessica graduated
so thats y i havent really talked to them in awhile. last
time i saw jess was when she came over for my sweet 16
party. wow...that was in july...long time no see? i heard
she left for college not to long ago. cool....ok that
really is all.