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chason pour les petits enfant
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2003-12-30 10:56:16 (UTC)

My Sister

My sister's name is Bobbie-jo. I'm glad she's happy. She's 18 and has been sniffing gas since she was 12. BJ filled baby food jars with gas and carried them around with her. In Jr. High and High School she put them in her locker and would sniff them between classes. I knew it wasn't right, but with her being 2 years older than me I didn't say anything. She embroilderd the word "GAS"on her jeans and jean jacket. She drank it one time in 9th and got expelled permanently. The big blonde hair, puffy lips, perfect teeth, and constant tan makes her look like a rock star. But the gas has burned her brains out. I'm an Ambassador For Christ at our church and have organized prayer sessions for her. By the time she was 14, BJ was picked up for prostitution about 5 times. Dad won't hardly talk to her except on the phone. Mom just cries. They put her in a girls school, but she ran away. Then in a psychologic ward at our hospital here a bunch of times. since she was 13. That's where she met Paris. He stuck up for her right away and told our mom and dad everything was their fault. So it's a sad house. She kept going back and when she was 17 she moved in with Paris. Dad said, 'If you want her, you can have her'. Mom sends her emails and letters everyday.

BJ is 18 now and Paris is 31. He got fired for having sex with her in his van at the hospital parking lot. I don't know where they get their money. Paris gave me a key to their apartment so I can get in if I have to - like if they're gone, or there's an emrtgrncy. Mallie and I just walk in like it's our apartment. Mallie's my best friend. She's 16 too and in my class.

When we go over to check on them, they're always burned out. They get high on smoking pot and watch tv and don't say anything or even look around. Sometimes Paris says "Hi Angel", but that's all they say. BJ lays on the couch with his dick in her mouth and watches tv. Apparently this is their normal thing. So be it. They do something called fisting that's really gross but they do it everytime I've been there since they've been living together. This afternoon when we were there, Mallie told Paris to give her head. He got on his knees in front of her, undid her, and went down on her for hours. she wasn't even serious when she said it. Paris is very pretty too - but completely fried like BJ. I looked at BJ and said I wanted some too. I meant Paris, like when Mallie was done with him. But BJ thought I meant right now and took my pants off and went down on me. I never had a girl give me head before, but it felt right - it felt good. I got off great. I didn't even think of her as my sister. In fact, me and Mallie just thought of both of them as throw-away toys. WE really got into it. We took a break to have a joint and flicked the ashes into their mouths. Then I got this idea. If BJ can put her whole arm up Paris's ass, and he can put his arm up BJ's pussy and ass, then shouldn't we be able to put their heads up our pussies and asses? We tried it and I swear I got BJ's head partially up my vagina. I'll be flowing pretty soon, and that makes me looser and I bet I can get her whole head of my pussy. I will get off like CRAZY! Mallie want's Paris's head up her ass and is working on a plan. This will be so cool. We'll feed them a few joints, and do as we want. If anything happens, it'll be their fault because they're so burned out. Like zombies. I keep thinking about BJ's head up my pussy licking away like crazy with that big thick tounge she has. Mallie says she wants Paris's head up her ass so bad, she'll cut it in half if she has too. I believe her! She's dedicated to it.

BJ and Paris. Stoned, watching tv, with his cock in her mouth, for hours and hours and hours. At least we'll make them good for something.

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