The things you never knew?
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2003-12-30 09:20:56 (UTC)


Yes a party that involved no alcohol and no boys. I had
decided a few days before christmas that I was going to
have this get together with my high school friends so I
did. I called them all up and told them when and to bring
pics and stuff like that. I was pretty nervous but once
people started to file in I started to realize that we are
the same people we have just matured and kind of found
ourselves. It was so wonderful to catch up with
everyone. Ony a couple people didn't make it, but Jessica
Wilson, Jamie Hughes, Beth Seabrook, Charla Speer, Hannah
Miller, Dee Dee Bloemer, Tara Deppe, Karey Vogel, and
Kristin Green. Some of the girls even stayed till 3:30 in
the morning. Just talking away. It was great. We looked
at pictures, watched this video we made in high school..
For real the things you don't want to remember. Like how
skinny you used to be;) We talked and caught up it was
wonderful.. It was like not a day passed by and some of us
hadn't seen each other in over two years. I was so happy
it turned out ok. We then answered questions and chatted
a whole bunch. The line of the night by far was when Beth
said "I have not devirginazied him" or how ever you spell
that. I guess that wouldn't be really funny unless you
know her. I found out that half my friends have really
good serious boyfriends. Most of them don't know the bad
things that happened between me and my ex. I didn't talk
about it much. We all are still in school doing pretty
well, and can't beleive are five year reunion is in a year
and a half. Pretty scary stuff.. Good Friends are the
ones where you can pick up with right where you left of no
matter when it was. Out of pure enjoyment and remembrance
I am going to write down something I remember about each
person I named.
Jessica: I thought she was trying to steel beth away,
didn't become friends with really until senior year.
Always hung out a lot our senior year. go to college
Beth: What can I say Freshman Health. Yes here we started
are conspiracy of talking about boys and who knew the
things we would be doing with them, haha. Beth was my
bestest friend in high school.. We were always lab
partners I did the writing she did the diesecting. Good
Tara: Wonderful girl, helped me through the EX. Someone
who I miss judged way to long and missed a whole lot of
good friendship time.. Well she was fist in the class.
Kristin: Set hours in English talking about our romance
lives and all other sorts of good stuff. Didn't really
become that close until our senior year. She was just this
little fire ball. Her, Beth, and I were the Charlie
Jamie: I think the thing I remember most about Jamie is
she was always there but you never really knew it. She
never said much but always wanted to hang out with us. It
was really good to see how much she has grown up and
Charla: What can I say we have been in class together
since 1st grade and still we go to college together. She
has come out of her shell so much and is the most genuine
person I know. I could go on and on about stories of
Karey: haha flannel girl. The laziest person that we hung
out with. Well maybe not laziest but comfort was always
number one. We hung out most of our high school career
and go to college together.
Hannah: so funny, has been with the same boy for five
years. Just a pure sweetheart. I remember sitting next
to her in class talking about our boys. ONly hers
lasted. The one girl who would turn red at the mention of
sex... haha that is so funny. anyways she is a cutie.
DEE: still to this day I have never met someone who laughs
as much as dee or gets THO as much as dee, haha, she will
love me for that one. Dee spent most of the summer with
me before we went to school. She became one of my best
friends and I am so sad that we don't keep in contact as
much as we did. She helped me through a lot. She just
doesn't know it.
ME: I am not sure what has happened to me. In many ways I
see myself as being a very different person and then
others I see myself as being the same girl. In high
school though my nickname was LLB, given to me by these
wonderful girls. I hated the nickname. IT stood for
Lucky Little Bitch because I dated all these boys and some
at the same time. I was so light hearted back then. Heck
now I couldn't find three guys to date me if the world was
falling in. that is ok though, the right one will come in
due time..

So to make this entry end I would like to say being the
planner isn't so bad as long as I know everyone had a good
time it is kind of satisfying.

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