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2003-12-30 08:57:46 (UTC)

Weekend after Christmas

Friday I spent the day with my mom and dad. We went to
Columbus and went shopping and then went to see Cold
Mountain... Which is another great movie. Then that night
I went to see Stuck on you with; Brad, Rachael, Todd,
Kate, and Kevin. So two couples and me and Kevin. That
wasn't to bad though because Kevin is a wonderful guy. It
was a lot of fun seeing those peopel from high school.
The ones I see almost every break though. Well not
rachael.. She's brad's girlfriend from BSU. Anyways that
was good times. Then Saturday mom and I went shopping
again and got luggage for Italy. Yes the days are getting
close and the closer they get the more nervous I think I
get. Well anyways, I had another headache. I am not sure
what is wrong with me. But that night I went to babyset
for Lane, Bret, and Riley.... Oh they are so cute. We
played with all their new toys they got for christmas. I
put them to bed at 8 and then played their Damn game cube
for 3 straight hours. My hands were cramping up and I had
to stop. That things was awesome though. I loved it. I
wish I had one now. Well that was good times and I got
paid 30 dollars. Money is always good. Then on Sunday, I
went to church of course. Can't miss that... Went to
Walmart with mom, got Finding Nemo on DVD. Well I got the
VHS for christmas but i exchanged it.. I was really
excited about that. Since it was mom's birthday, we went
to eat at one of her favorite restraunts. Buckheads in
Jeffersonville. It is good, the only time I had eaten
there before was the summer before I came to college I was
dating this boy from New Albany..."not a real winner" but
I went there with his family. We sat in the exact same
spot. Strange. Anyways then we just drove around for
hours in the area that my dad grew up. I was thinking
Dad, It is your wife's birthday why are we driving in
Clark county Indiana. Oh well, It was a pretty day. That
night, what did I do, Oh the ex came over. Matt. Matt
was my high school sweetheart, who still is a very big
part of my life. Sometimes I wonder if I messed up that
one. Oh well he is happy now with his new gf. He always
says things will happen if they are suppose to, so who
knows. My family loves him, they always ask about him and
they always give me a hard time for they say "getting rid
of him" but I didn't, he broke my poor heart. oh well it
doesn't matter he is a good guy and we are still friends.
After he left I didn't do much. I did make the phone call
rounds though which was great. I called Laura (my
wonderful roommate) and I talked to Amy (a DDD sister),
and then I called Shawn and he was with Bryon, which was
great because I miss those boys so darn much. Bryon
thinks I like Shawn... He is nuts! How could anyone not
want to talk to Shawn, he is flippin hilarious. (if you
read this bryon i thought about calling your cell first
but didn't know what I would say to you so I called
Shawn's and luckily enough you were with him. one stone,
two birds:) So after all that I started working in my
room. Didn't feel well and went to bed early almost in
tears. Only one week and FC here I come.

Oh and I am going to Amy's for new years, for real 2004!

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