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2003-12-30 08:45:04 (UTC)

Christmas a week late

So Christmas was wonderful. We had everyone over on
Christmas eve and my mom cooked a wonderful meal and I
made all the desserts. It was great. Then I watched the
kids open all their gifts. They loved the Carebears I got
them:) Well mom got them and put my name on them. I got
money from the fam, that I am trying to save for Italy and
a couple cute things from my mom, including bathroom
scales:) After everyone left we cleaned up and went
to "midnight mass" at 10. It was neat, I always I like
going the night before so you can enjoy Christmas
morning. I woke up on Christmas when everyone else got up
because I slept on the couch, not because I was waiting
for Santa but because my bed kills my back. We had a nice
breakfast and then opened presents. My mom, dad, sister,
and I. I think my favorite is my stocking. It is just
lots of fun random stuff. I got lots more fun stuff and
some more money. I don't want to bore myself listing all
my gifts but I got cute stuff. I guess my big gift this
year was my scrapbook companion. It is like a little
suitcase for just scrapbooking stuff. It was very
exciting. I think I was more excited that my mom actually
bought me stuff than what I actually got. Then we went to
my grandmas and I got to see the rest of the family. I
had a headache so I spent most of the time in the recliner
trying to sleep. I spent the rest of christmas laying on
the couch watching movies like one big bum. All in All
christmas was wonderful not because of the gifts I got but
because of the family I have to share it with and well Of
course it is Jesus's Birthday:)