lyssa's Diary!
2003-12-30 08:09:30 (UTC)

i think im depressed/stressed

well, today i woke up kind of pissed. aj ditched me last
night. i had stuff planned for him so special.. but to find
out he hasnt been home in 2 days also made me mad. but i
ignored it and thought i may as well get his present today
sense i didnt get him one earlier. so i off i went in my
car to the tacoma mall... there i met my friend ashley who
i havent talked ot in a while or seen i missed her. i got
aj a "build a bear" its so cute and a leather jacket for
it. so him. lol... and a card. it was about "special
friends" and glad that we can talk to each other. blah blah
blah. then i called his house and they said drop it off
around 4 he should be home by then. so of course at 4 i
dropped it off.. he wasnt there.. i was tired of waiting so
i went home. around 5:15 i called him and he answered
(about time) found out hes been with his friends, and he
applogized and i was pissed i couldnt let it go. he didnt
plan on goin home tonight and i was just thinken how he
always does this when he comes home. hedoesnt tell ne one
ne thing so they worry there asses off for him. i hate it.
so now hes madat me cuz i yelled at him.. sheesh... then my
friend Nicole called and said that her mom rented the ball
room at the Ebassey suits for new years, and a couple of
rooms. her mom asked if aj would come and sing some and
then to stay for the party.(the parents are leaving after
words LOL dont worry) but i have to ask aj wat hes doin.. i
doubt he will go sense hes been so busy with all his
friends :(. i have work tomorrow... i dont want to go....
im tired and i have alot to deal with. i still have my
stupid community service projet to do, and my book report
no i still have to read my book for my book report, i have
to memorize my script, and i have to make up sumthin for
drama.. im so stressen... i dont know how im gonna do this!
oohh i have aerboics shit too! sheesh im so tired of all of
this! but ne ways im out.. i think i might call aj one last