Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-12-30 07:34:01 (UTC)

What to do?

so the past few days have been pretty uneventful..i dunno
nemore i think i have more stuff to do when i got work
then when im home cuz when i try to chill wit my friends
we wind up either driving around doing nuttin or spending
money that I dont have..who knows my aunt want
to buy me a new phone which was my christmas present...i
dont understand my dad..i want a new phone and he says aunt wants to buy me a new phone and now hes in
phone mode?..hes drivin me nuts cuz now all of a sudden we
gotta change out plans and the numbers but cindy kept her
number wit the new M life phones so i dunno what hes
talkin about...he makes me so angry like he does this so
that i just will not want a phone at all ever i went to see Mona Lisa Smile wit cindy
maris kim cheryl and was a really cute
movie..then we met lisa sean billy and cheryl for food at
applebees after...i dunno it was wierd tho cuz we broke
into our own lil groups of conversations and for some
reason i wasnt part of ne of them..hanging wit my friends
sometimes depresses me cuz i think that they are friends
wit me just becasue but i also kno that it isnt me
and cindy are now oficially vegans..but i didnt do too
good today lol..i dunno we are takin Xenadrine now for
weight but the diet pills dont have efedrine in them
nemore so i dunno how they work..if this stuff doesnt work
tho i still have some stackers with efedrine in them i can
use when i get bak to school years is just a didnt even bother askin if we were all
gonna chill for new years...shes goin to a hotel party wit
lisa..amanda said she might hang out wit mark which is bs
but she cant tell neone so i understand but still...maris
is chillin wit greg so its me cheryl and cindy that need
to find something to do...i dont have ne other friends to
chill wit but cindy does so now she wants to go to altoona
to party wit tee and joe...she says that she wont ignore
us but i kno that if joe is there she deff will and i dont
like being wit lotz of ppl i dont kno...whatever im not
gonna sit home wit my parents so i guess im goin to toona
unless i can find something else to do..cheryl deff doesnt
wanna go b/c she cant drink so she would have nuttin to
preoccupy herself wit newayz..i just wanted to chill wit
all my friends for new years but thats never gonna happen
i gonna try to convince amanda to come cuz shes
always fun no matter what lol..i hope i get better tho cuz
im deff gettin sick and the thing that sucks the most is
toona is 5 hours away and i need to be in work on the 1st
at 6 o clock!..i kno that im not gonna make it bak cuz
cindys not gonna wake up but i dunno what else to do..i
talked to chrissy for a while today and i miss her
lotz...i feel like im not a part of ne friendships rite
now..i dunno i just feel like an outsider to every1 for
some reason and all i keep thinkin about is this guy!..ugh
and he has a gf and i hate it but its not like he would
like me even if he didnts so im just gonna have to
deal...good note is erins sis had her baby!! a lil girl
and shes really cute hehe

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