My Diary
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2003-12-30 04:52:03 (UTC)

Spectacular Samantha

Well. Samantha Ann Mire came to the wonderful Broussard
house hold today and will be spending the night. When she
got here I went in my room and showed her my wonderful
stuff I got for christmas. Then we watched "The Gauntlet".
Then I got hungry so we came in the kitchen and I fixed me
a Salad and Samantha got on this here computer. We've been
on ever since talking to everyone. We are so loved. Also
we and our great voices have been singing. Yall would love
to hear us sing because we are G-R-E-A-T!

Tomorrow we are waking up at 8:20 and going to her nannies
house to babysit the wonderful Randi and Daniel. So we
will be there all day. We will have a blast!!

Kelsie and Samantha

I love You Austin

Trey Samantha Loves You too

Behind My Smile Is A World No One Can Understand

^^Dang..Thats about true..but only a few people can
understand me. And I thank them for that and they know who
THEY are!:-d

Samantha Says Hey