Nick's Journal
2003-12-30 04:46:04 (UTC)

That which should happen but doesn't

i've found one recurring theme in my life. it's that
those instances i hold as axiomatic never come through. i
just believe that certain things should end in certain
ways and that certain events should solve themselves
through their own righteousness.
i suppose one aspect of living in reality (and not being a
liberal) is realizing that things never end in the manner
that they do. cos if they did then the world would be
fair. and we don't want the world to be fair, cos if the
world would be fair all the idiot alpha males would get
their wants and all the zeta males would not have
welfare........what a sad, republican state of affairs.
i believe the true "happy" ending, is the agitation of
never achieving a necessity.
take it like this. you're in a padded room with NOTHING.
NOONE. you lie in this room naked, with nothing to do.
you lie in this room with a sweater on which has a tag
that just rubs your skin and itches it like mad and all
day long you try not to move and just try to grab it and
tear it off but never reach it.
which existence would you rather have?
your choice is the meaning of your life.