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2003-12-30 04:43:45 (UTC)


well today was another lovely day work decided not to let
me sleep.. they called at 2 in the morning at 5 in thew
morning then at 8 in the morning asking me to work and each
time i said no then they called again at 10:30 and i
finally agreed to come in early!!! and let me tell u.. what
a mistake how boring was that i did nothing practically
well until 3 then i actually had to do some work!!! fun fun
but that has been my whole entire day i woke up and went
straight to work and now i just got home and now got
nothing to do what a day huh? but anyways my brother is
starting to date this girl thats younger then me i mean
come on now dating someone younger then ur little sis ewww
and plus this girl is kinda annoying at times i mean
sometimes she's ok but othertimes its like god give me a
rag so i can shove it in her mouth.. but i guess he just
needs some sex but hes not to bad looking for a guy.. i
mean come on he is a crosby specially closely related to
me... he has to have good looks lol :o) but whatever i dont
really got much to say so thats all folks... lol

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