Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2003-12-30 03:47:50 (UTC)

an interesting night life is just getting better and better. tonight
my friend told me that she liked me. ive known for a long
time...i figured it out last july when she kissed
meh....yea...that rilly made meh think.
...and now cody's free. idk. im rilly confused about
everything. i knew that one day he would be single. even if
it was years from now and the reason he was free was that
his wife of 50 years had died. lol. naaa but i did kno that
hed be single at one point in time or another. i like him a
lot. and i do wanna be with him....but its almost like my
life is repeating itself. Brandon did the same thing. and
look what happened with me and him. he wont talk to me now.
i just dun want the same thing to happen twice. i really
want to be with him but i dun want ppl to think that hes
just dating me on the rebound....or that i was waiting for
him. idk. like i said im confuzed. i kno that i love cody.
and i think he loves me too....or at least he says he does.
i miss him when im not near him or talking to him....and
when i am i feel like im in heaven. i just dont want to get
hurt or hurt him. at school im known as the heartbreaker. i
just dont want to do that again. idk whats wrong with me.
maybe someone could help me.