2003-12-30 01:25:16 (UTC)

Roommates And Then Some

Tawni had always had wild fantasies of having group sex and
major orgies. Here is her story of the time that it

Tawni was a pretty girl. She was shorter, standing at 5'4"
with long and brown curly hair and dark brown eyes. She
had a petite body and small breasts. Her two roommates,
Staci and Kim were pretty girls, too. Staci was tall at
5'10" with blonde hair that was straight and long - all the
way to her fine and round ass. Kim was average height at
5'6" and had a medium length of auburn curls. They were a
wild group and had made out a lot... especially when they
had too much to drink.

Staci and Kim had boyfriends, and while Tawni did not, this
did not mean that she didn't get her share of the action.
She just didn't want to settle down!

One night, after a few beers at the club and dancing with a
guy named Sean, she invited him back to her place with her
roommates. They started their own little party at their
little house with loud music and a few more drinks.

Staci and Tawni, wanting to turn up the heat, turned down
the lights a little bit and stood up on the coffee table
and began making out like they usually did. This time,
though they didn't stop right there. Usually their little
escapades didn't go beyond making out, and this time, Tawni
began unbuttoning Staci's blouse. Slipping it off, she
fiercly grabbed Staci's 34C breasts and massaged them and
lifted it up and began sucking. She reached her hand down
and began to lightly rub her pussy area through her jeans.

By then, they had an audience - Kim reached up and pulled
them down and started sucking on Staci's other tit while
grabbing her ass. The guys were starting to get really
hard watching this and Kim's boyfriend had already whipped
out his 9 inch cock and was beginning to stroke it.

Although Tawni did not lack experience, she had never been
with a guy who had a dick that big. She left the other
girls and walked over to Mike and began to suck his cock.
He looked shocked, but didn't protest. While she was on
her knees, Sean came over and pulled down her pants and
began to finger her asshole. "I want both of you to fuck
the hell out of me." she cried out. Then men wasted no
time. After completely undressing themselves and her, Mark
laid down on the floor and Tawni straddled him harshly...
taking the entire 10 inches in at once... she let out a
scream, which startled the girls who were in their own
little world on the couch. (Staci was eating Kim out).
After rocking her hips back and forth and making sure that
she was nice and wet for Mark, Sean stuck his dick into her
asshole slowly and then began pumping quicker as she lubed
up with the pussy juices that were sliding back.

Stanci and Kim, now wanting to join in on this, came over.
Staci squatted over Marks face and began to fuck it while
he fucked her hole with his tongue and massaged her clit
with his thumb and finger. Kim stood to the side,
massaging Tawni's breasts and Seans balls. Then she leaned
down behind Sean and began sucking on his balls and he went
in and out of Tawni's ass. Tawni's body shook with
excitment as she began to cum all over Mark's hard cock.
Sean stopped fucking her ass and Kim led him over to the
couch where he sat down and she sat on his 7 inch cock
backwards. Although his cock size was nothing compared to
Mark's it was still usable. After Tawni rode the hell out
of Mark and Mark came deep into her, she got up and crawled
over to the couch and began to suck on Kim's clit and lick
Sean's balls until they all came in a final exstacy.