My Diary
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2003-12-29 23:30:27 (UTC)

One Hell Of A Boring Day! and Alycia woke up this morning at 7:30...then
we came and got on here..We sat around and did nothing
because it was raining....then we went outside with the
unbrella and walked across the road to Mrs.Linda's to get
some food. Then we came back here...and chilled. Then we
went to Quinns..When we were leaving there Austin was
riding Jordans fourwheeler so we stopped and talked to
him, but he was cold so all 4 of us piled up on the
fourwheeler and he brough us to my house. Then we watched
a movie and we sat at my house and did nothing all day.
This day was so boring I promise!!!

Austin I love you so much!!!

Then I got on the computer and talked to Amanda, Renee,
Justin, Jordan, and Austin. They wanted me to go to
Jordans with them, but Samantha was already comming over
so I didn't go, but my mom wouldn't have let me go anyway
because she doesn't know Jordan's parents. So I'm bummed
out about that. Don't you think my mom needs to let me
grow up. I mean I am 13. But Whatever!

Now I'm waiting for Samantha to get here and we will
prolly sit here and do nothing just like I did all day
today! Then tom me and her are going to her nannies to
babysit Randi and Daniel.

I think I have found plans for me and Heather on New
Years. We are prolly going to Adrians house to chill over
there for a while because he is so sweet and invited us.
Did I mention I loved that kid. But if my mom doesn't let
me go I will personally punch her in the face.

Well I'm going. I love you!

Kelsie Ann