Niki's Life
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2003-12-29 22:19:47 (UTC)


Its December 29, and last night i talked to graham..omg i luv him
sooooo much, he saays he loves me to but hinestly i dnt no if he
honestly does..or maybe im just being ..um wats tht word...um o
nm..but i luv him so very very much i hope he hinestly loves me
too. him and his girlfrind broke up casue she was a real bitch and
cheated on him..he deserves WAY WAY WAY BETER..someone
like me! lol.he wouldnt want to go out wit me again ne ways..i realy
wana talk to him again ...we were talking yester day and were
doing really really good and he said u wana call lizzie? and i said
ok ..i called her and she didnt want to talk to him but i got her to talk
to him so we were on 3 way and then they started arguing.
honestly i dnt no wat her problem was but she brought up sumtin
realy mean..i mean it was the way she said it and wat she
said..she metioned sumtin bought grahams dead friend..i guess he
comited suicide..but lizzie was a real bitch tht night..lizzie if u r
readin this im sry but this is a diary so i have to explain my
feelingds.im sry :(.. ne way after tht thay hung up and i cried about
him beign so sad and i went to the bath room and then i came abk
and he calle dme..i answered and i said wernt u goin to bed..and
he said ya, but i couldnt stop thinking about u..awwwww! wasnt tht
nice!! lol well i hope he calls today i acnt call him on the cell so i
hope he calls ..ne wayz latez!! ill right later