Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2003-12-29 22:09:36 (UTC)


Well we just got back from the doctors. Everything is ok
with my grandpa. Hes got no heart, liver, or lung
problems....hes in perfect health except for the fact that
he has a broken ankle. 42 years without seeing a doc and
hes still in good health. god must have some plans for him.
dr. weinburger is a good guy. he oked my grandpa for
surgery. so now its up to dr. leddy or dr. blum (the
surgens) if he has surgery. that appointment is on
wednesday. one good thing that has come from this is that
he's smoking and drinking about half of what he was doing.
which is a good thing. a very good thing. his foot looks
really bad....and the doctor even had to pop a few
blisters....ewwwww ~_~.....after we got out of there i had
them stop at Joanies (sp?) diner in kissimmee. i bought
myself and my grandpa a milkshake each. and im glad i
did...because when i was giving my grandpa his shake the
car parked next to us honked its horn. i looked and it was
my friend Amber. I havent seen her since the begining of
november or something like that. she had surgery on the
15th of december. she had a syst (sp?) on her
pancreas...and she had to have it removed. well shes out of
the hospital now and she looks good for someone who had
surgery a few weeks ago. but Amber is different from anyone
ive ever met. even through everything shes been through in
the past year....she is still the most careing, unselfish,
humble, down to earth person i kno. and she doesnt just
follow her faith. she LIVES it. she is the best person i
have met...besides cody. well i have to go to ceramics.