Sarah's Shit
2003-12-29 20:26:48 (UTC)

Bored.... Still...

Hey, I can't really remember if I wrote last night. I was
on at like 2:00, and I did something, I just can't remember
what.... I faintly remember swearing off people...yeah,
something like that. Oh well. I'm in a really shitty mood
right now, so bear with me. My mom is pissed at me, and I
can't even go anywhere cause she won't let me. I woke up
to her fuckin screaming at my brother, no idea why, and
then I get up and start to go out the door and she goes off
on me. I swear, she hates me. She thinks I'm on drugs and
all this shit cause I stay up all night, and nothing I say
or do will convince her otherwise. So fuck it, I'm gonna
let her believe whatever the hell she wants. I've tried
just not talking to her, and she just talks at you. It's
hopeless. I'm gonna go try to sneak out.....why the hell
does she want to talk to me, anyways!?!?!?! grrr... hey,
does anyone that reads this thing know that OctoberSky
chick/dude? Well hey, if you read this and I'm on, IM me.
You actually seem as fucked up as me. lol okie dokie, I'm
gonna go now. Bye,